The folks of iFixit have the brilliant task of opening up all new tablets and smartphones and each time they do that, they judge a product for its repairability. That’s how we learn that a device such as the Surface Pro is horrible when it comes to opening it up.


Today we learn which are the best and worst slates when it comes to ease of repair and opening up. iFixit have released a Repairability Guide, that includes these products, with the Dell XPS 10 as the easiest model to repair, while the Microsoft Surface Pro is listed as the worst model. The Dell XPS 10 is listed as the best tablet for someone who actually intends to open up his tablet and do some toying around.

Reasons for the praise? Labeled cables, color coded screw and an easy to remove battery. The Kindle Fire also gets praised, being very easy to open thanks to standard Philips head screws. The iPad and Surface Pro are last on the list, because of the way they abuse adhesives and the risk of severing wires when opening the tablets up.