Microsoft unveiled a few interesting projects and products at BUILD 2016 and those include the Windows Ink platform. That feels much like an OS inside an OS and it’s based on stylus input. Frankly speaking, this was needed in the current world of tech.


Windows Ink is meant for navigation with a compatible stylus or pen, like the Surface Pen for example. Windows Ink will overlay large workspaces on Windows 10 in the Desktop area and those portions will serve for stylus-related widgets and such. Windows Ink is not a separate OS, it’s just an alternative way of using a Windows 10 device, aside from the Desktop and Tablet modes.

Ink seems to feel like a newer and more functional Action Center, working in tandem with widgets. Apps compatible with Ink are Maps, Photoshop, Microsoft Edge and Office have been confirmed to work with the new platform. Microsoft wants to launch this system publicly in the summer of 2016, as part of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Wacom is a partner within the Ink project and they’ll also produce a special pen for it.