Drones were a trend about 3 or 4 years ago and I’m talking about the Parrot ones for fun, not the army ones. As a sign of the times and of the antique ways of Windows 8, it’s only now that a special remote control app for drones arrives on this platform…


So, if you’re a Windows 8 tablet user and want to pilot an AR.Drone 2.0, there’s an official AR.FreeFlight app for you. Surface users can enjoy it, as well as the few people who actually got to buy a Lumia 2520 tablet, before the charger became a hazard. Android and iOS users have been playing with the drones for a long while now, so it makes sense for the app to come to other systems.

You can download the app here and I wonder how long it will take the devs to also bring this to Windows Phone. Using the application on Win 8, you can pilot the drone, flip it, record high def video from it and take pictures with it. It would be cool if the Xbox 360 controller compatible with the Windows 8 slates could be used to control the aerial vehicle.