Microsoft’s Windows 8 will be an important evolution in the history of the platform, being the first major change in UI ever since Windows was first built. The Redmond company product finally received a clear launch date, that is Friday, the 26th of October. This was confirmed by MS official Steven Sinofsky during a recent sales meeting.

Each new Windows iteration brings a lot of buzz and hype, but this one is special. It debuts the Metro UI and has been testing for over a year now, with people gaining access to its early releases relatively easy. It’s also the first real Windows built for tablets and it can even run on smartphones, apparently. Rumors say that Windows 9 is in the pipeline for 3 years from now and that it will unify Windows Phone and Windows 8. There’s also an extra news, related to the debut of the OS: the fact that major PC and tablet makers will debut new tablets on the same date.

The likes of Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba, Acer and ASUS promised to debut their Windows 8 tablets as soon as Win 8 is launched, so they will be launch partners. Windows RT still doesn’t have a clear release date and things are more complicated there, since HP recently denied being part of the project, so there aren’t many companies crowding to make ARM slates with Win RT. In other new, Surface Tablet should also be coming in late October/early November.