Microsoft is planning to show the world a first draft of the Windows 9 plans at BUILD 2014 this spring, but till then we’re about to get a sort of service pack for Windows 8.1 in March. Apparently, on March 11th 2014 we’ll get to see Update 1 of the release.


Over the past day we’ve seen a screenshot or two of what I guess we might call Windows 8.2, if we force the naming a bit. This release brings support for pinning Metro-style apps to the desktop taskbar and also it brings a more user friendly way to shut down the device, with an On/Off and Search button placed at the top right of the screen.

ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley claims that the update will bring reduced memory and storage space requirements, which is something Windows 8.1 already did. In case you didn’t know, Win 8.1 actually takes 10 to 15% less space than Windows 8. What other features would you like to see in the update coming in March?