Windows 8.1 is scheduled to launch on October 18th as a free update for people running Windows 8, but if you want a full license, that will set you back $119. Windows Phone 8.1 Pro goes for $200 and preorders are available today.


You can place a preorder right now at the Microsoft Store and Newegg is even throwing in a price reduction of $20 off for Windows 8.1 Pro if you use this coupon code: EMCYTZT4525. This package is expected to solve most of the complaints users had regarding Windows 8 when it launched last year. Windows 8.1 may act as some sort of big service pack and it even brings back the missed Start button.

Other improvements include the ability to run more than 2 full screen apps side by side on the same screen and better support for multi monitor setups. There’s also the improved support for sub 10 inch devices and back to the whole Start button thing, all it does is take you to the Start Screen, so the Start Menu is not back.

You now get support for wallpapers in the Start Screen and the ability to reorganize it by moving multiple apps, plus there are extra tile sizes.