Windows 10 is going to be a major step in the evolution of Microsoft’s main software platform and we sure hope the touch experience has evolved from Windows 8 and 8.1. This OS will work just as easy with a keyboard and mouse, as it does with touch use, apparently.


Microsoft is ready to implement a special feature called “Tablet Mode” in the OS, making it easier to navigate around the platform while on a slate or smaller device. In this mode, the Start screen and Windows apps are being made full screen, preventing the user from resizing them. Some user interface elements will also be optimized for touch usage.

For example, the taskbar in Windows 10 build 10056 now gets extra padding between icons, so it becomes easier to interact with via touch. This new features has the codename Continuum, but its commercial name is Tablet Mode. Microsoft wants to make it easier to switch more dynamically between touch friendly input and keyboard/mouse input, depending on the device you’re using.

The function appears in the latest leaked Windows 10 build.