We’ve talked about the WePad tablet before, as one of the most promising iPad rivals so far, but here’s a bunch of videos showing its cool interface in action. What we’re dealing with here is the final version of the device and if you’re not bothered by German language, here’s 16 minutes of WePad action:

Apparently, the tablet will be available starting July and as you can see it comes with widgets, a speedy platform and interface with Linux at its core and some pretty reasonable specs. At first we knew that this is an Android device, but that remains to be seen.

We remind you that WePad comes with a 11.6 inch touchscreen display, a 1.66 GHz processor, Adobe AIR and Flash support, a SIM slot, Bluetooth 2.1 and 16GB flash memory. Pricing is around $700-$800.

[via Crunchgear]