Palm’s webOS was never the hit it was intended to be, although it had some smart ideas, like the card based multitasking system. It lived briefly on the HP TouchPad and then it was tossed together with the HP slate. Now we’ve got Project Mochi, that has been released and is shown in the screenshots below, as the thing that webOS 2.0 could have been.


The team behind a major webOS update has published the project and the code, so devs may turn this into a lovely Android ROM maybe. As you can see, the UI was flat even before Apple dreamt about iOS 7 and everything looks very polished. We’ve got expanded cards that can swapped in multiple panes, much like the Snap multitasking on Windows 8.


An open source framework includes the codes and concepts of this platform, as well as the documentation, so devs can build a product that works this time. Or they could borrowed some UI parts for their own projects… Anyway, nowadays webOS is only present on LG smart TVs, but Mochi has some promise here, so maybe the right people will take it over.