VTech is a tablet maker and they specialize in kids tablets, but they’re going through a bit of a scandal right now, since their devices have been hacked. What’s worse is that the breach revealed personal pictures of the little ones.


The information coming from the hack includes personal data, which also means recordings and photos. Cyber attackers accessed Vtech’s database and stole the children’s personal info, recordings and images. 5 million customers are said to have been affected, but the hacker that started the hack claims that he only accessed chat logs and personal info.

Pictures taken with the cameras are included, according to Vice magazine, that interviewed the hacker. Security expert Troy Hunt learned that all communication via the app was unencrypted, so when a hacker accessed the database, he could read all the info easily. Said info can be traced to usernames and identities, meaning the children and adults can be identified.

VTech has started taking down some of its vulnerable portals, like Learning Lodge, that were affected by the hack. That’s the kind of problem to take down an entire company…