As you know, this week Apple announced the CarPlay platform for automakers. It will help integrate the iPhone within the dashboard better and connect Siri to the driver. Volvo is one of the partners, who already posted a demo on the web, shown below.


They’re demoing the XC90 SUV on this occasion, showing how the technology works on the road. I can see apps like Spotify being used while driving, an intuitive Maps experience and Siri reading out loud texts and doing voice guidance. CarPlay runs on a screen embedded into the center of the XC90 dashboard. This is a portrait oriented experience, that allows CarPlay to run alongside Volvo’s in car computer technology.

Control is done by touch and voice and support is available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch via lightning cable, plus WiFi connectivity in the future. Music, Maps, Phone, Messages and more are all demoed in the video below. Are we ready to take the iOS experience to the dashboard?