ViewSonic is a company I admit I haven’t heard about in a while now, but it’s important to remember that they make tablets. Today we’ve learned that the company launched such a device that improves the work place cooperation and work. The newcomer is actually a series, the Viewboard IFP70.

It’s meant for the enterprise environment, tailor made for companies and provides a next gen set of solutions for conference calls, communication and a modern work environment. When developing the ViewBoard IFP70, the team thought about IoT connectivity, so that’s how we’re getting Microsoft Azure IoT certification here. The device relies on a singular USB-C cable, so you can hook up a multitude of output sources to it.

It obviously comes with Windows 10 support, Office 365 and Team Rooms, plus the ViewSonic Viewboard Cast for mobile devices. That app lets do you screen and content sharing with easy, at Full HD resolutions. The phones can be used to control the presentation and displayed content. The special PCAP touchscreen (projected capacitive) is bezel-free and lets you enjoy an immersive experience.

It has a smart pen in the mix, ensuring a natural writing experience, no matter if you’re using a finger, stylus, or a combo of the two. The ViewBoard IFP70 series includes the 65 inch IFP6570 model and the IFP8670 model with an 86 inch diagonal.

There’s HDMI 2.0 here (in) HDMI 4K (out), USB 3.0, SPDIF out, RJ45, RS232, slot in PC slot, WiFI modules and audio out. The devices have interactive flat panels, ARM quad core CPUs and Android 10, plus the optional Windows 10 Pro slot in PC, that includes Core i5 or Core i7 solutions.