Velocity Micro recently announced the availability of the Cruz Reader preorders and we now know that the 7 inch Android 2.1 slate will be reach online and real life stores in early September, with a $200 price tag. The larger Cruz Tablet will ship in the same month, for $300, while a child-oriented StoryPad device will debut in September too for $150.

Back to the Cruz Reader, this 7 inch gizmo is meant as an e-book reader and a media player. It packs an 800 x 480 display, with a 4:3 aspect ratio, ideal for text reading. Velocity Micro will also provide a Borders’ bookstore app and access to over 2 million titles. The Cruz Reader will do 720p video and store 4GB of content on a microSD card.

[via electronista]

  • Miron

    Today is November the 1st… so… ship in October may have happened… Didn’t notice any email of any delay… How do they plan to treat the bugs in the product? Code fix to your heart desire? 🙂

    Two emails to customer service went un – answered. Anyways, dealing with it till week – end is not realistic…

    Worst comes to worst will be a toy for my kid to sink teeth in programming. Still, he might just prefer Lego TX.