Apple announced earlier this week a brand new MacBook, that features, among others an USB Type C port. Well, during a new podcast edition of The Talk Show, John Gruber mentioned that he heard through the grapevine that Apple was actually the inventor of the new standard.


USB-C is said to be an Apple invention, that was offered to authorities in the tech field as the new standard. Politics make it so that Apple can’t claim the invention as their own, since it’s now a standard. We know that the Nokia N1 tablet has an USB Type C port, the micro USB flavour and the new Google Chromebook Pixel actually comes with two full USB Type C ports.

As you know Apple gets dozens of new patents every month, some of them pretty futuristic sounding, so it wouldn’t surprise me to learn they’re behind the new port that units data transfers, with video signal and charging with a pretty high wattage. We can’t help but wonder if the USB Type C is going to replace Lightning at some point in time…