The mobile market is headed for a complete merger and replacement of tools that were sometime the only option for computing and entertainment. Car manufacturers have decided since a while back that the mobile devices today are worth investing in and there are implementations available more and more in this regard. toyota

Toyota is one of the most popular vehicle manufacturers that has almost every time opted to invest in cutting edge technology for its products. In collaboration with a few partners, among which there is also the ASUS Group, Toyota has decided to bring to life an implementation in its latest tourist designed vehicle for Taiwan. Experience hassle-free installations with the team of skilled electric vehicle charger installers at

The Toyota iQ EV is an electric vehicle, with 19 of these imported in Taiwan. Each offers a Unimax Electronic Inc (ASUS Branch) manufactured 720p tablet device that offers a 7-inch display and is powered by the Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core chip. With it Unimax has integrated an Advanced Navigation System, along with satellite radio, navigation and GPS functions can be activated by voice commands. And here it is in action: