CEATEC 2009 is the perfect occasion for having a look at the latest and best technologies, specially if you’re a gadget freak. Among the showcased gear during the Japanese show, there were also a couple of Toshiba handsets, like the K01, a Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone pictured below.


Toshiba K01 features a huge 4.1 inch WVGA touchscreen display, plus a full QWERTY keyboard with a bizarre key arrangement. Its thickness is 15mm and you should expect it to be announced sometime before the year end. Moving on to the device pictured below, Toshiba K02 was also showcased during CEATEC 2009, packing 2 displays (one of them WVGA), featuring WM 6.5 and a 10 key keyboard.

K02 should be released in 2010 and finally, the device in the last picture below is Toshiba L01, more likely a MID, than a smartphone. This model features a 7 inch WVGA display, it runs Windows Mobile 6.5 and should hit the market in late 2010.



[via Unwired View]