You probably know that a few days ago Sony launched an e Ink e-reader with flexible paper technology and that product was meant for education and students. Well, today we have a look at the technology behind this product, that at first sight may seem outdated.


We’re talking about an A4 sized 13.3 inch device with digital paper technology. This is a world’s first in that it uses the E Ink Mobius, a new flexible electronic paper display, that was developer in cooperation with Sony. The idea is to involve thin film transistors on plastic and not glass in order to achieve flexibility and decreased weight.

Mass production of that “panel” will debut this year. The prototype shown in the image above weighs only 358 grams and measures 6.8 mm in thickness, even thinner than the very thin Sony Xperia Tablet Z. The screen supports a 1200 x 1600 pixel resolution and weighs 60 grams, which is 50% less than a glass display.