TeamViewer has implemented an interesting new feature in its remote control software. The latest release of the software allows you to control your smartphone or tablet from your PC, instead of doing it the other way around.


The new solution is called TeamViewer QuickSupport and allows you to take over remotely the work on the handset or slate. This will be crucial for IT staff that supports Android, the iPhone and iPad. They can take real life screenshots of the devices and get full access to their settings and diagnose issues.


You will need TeamViewer 8 and an additional license to get it to work. The QuickSupport app runs on Android and iOS, with the former only allowing you to chat with users, remove apps, kill processes and transfer files. Sadly, the support is only up for Sony, Medion and Alcatel, without trace of Samsung, LG, HTC or Motorola for now.

The iPad and iPhone support push customization profiles for mail setup, calendar, VPN connections, chats, file transfers, screenshots and more. You can get the necessary files downloaded from here.