It appears that tablets have finally registered growth on one of the big markets, India. There, in the quarter leading to June higher sales have spurred hopes of a comeback for tablet makers, especially with the aid of a wider 4G adoption.


Data consumption on slates has also increased and could in turn help grow the segment even further. The info comes from Faisal Kawoosa, lead analyst at CMR Telecoms Practice. The higher levels of data consumption will impact the choice of diagonal sizes and make bigger tablets appealing again. The tablet segment has been dropping throughout the last year, without hope of a recovery unless Samsung or Apple pull something special.

India is the market to watch, since there things seem to be going fine. Local firms iBall, Datawind and Micromax are strong on the market, with Samsung sneaking to be second placed behind iBall. The commercial and enterprise segment created this growth, coupled with lower and lower prices of local models and adoption of new devices from China. Bharti Airtel launched 4G services in almost 300 towns, with Vodafone India and other rivals expected to do the same before the year is out.

This will greatly influence the need for tablets in the general public.