Last we heard, Symbian was going open source and now we’ve come across some info regarding the future of the platform. Don’t be surprised if you see Symbian on tablets and netbooks in the future, as claimed by Symbian Foundation CEO Lee Williams. Apparently, the Foundation was approached by a couple of companies that will make ARM chipset-based tablets.

This is not the first time we’ve heard about Nokia’s favourite OS and tablets in the same sentence, since such devices also appeared in Nokia’s “Vision of 2015” video. The clip showed a bunch of concepts made by the Finns and some pretty cool portable gadgets with big screens were also included, as you can see below.

Tegra 2 and OMAP4 should also be on board and we also learn that Symbian was already ported on the Intel Atom processor, as part of the Foundation’s Wild Duck side project. Wild Duck could see netbooks coming, packed with Symbian and a bunch of pretty cool features. Would you buy such a device?

[via slashgear]