Next week Microsoft has a special event scheduled, that some people associate with the Surface products. It could bring us the Surface Mini tablet, but also the Surface Pro 3, judging by a fresh batch of leaks.


It appears that the new Surface Pro has been referenced in a new support article published by Microsoft. It says that support has been added to Windows 8.1 for the “Surface Pro 3 camera”. CNET had previously reported that Microsoft was going to add a new Intel based device to its lineup soon. In the meantime we have no idea if the Surface Mini will opt for Qualcomm or Intel as far as the processor goes, or maybe a surprise like Nvidia.

Surface revenue was up year over year for the past quarter, according to Microsoft, but that doesn’t mean that the sales were very high. The product is not close to the iPad, that’s for sure, but the Surface Mini may boost its popularity. The Surface works like a Nexus device, a reference design for all the other slate makers, that actually offers premium materials and an original design.

We’ll learn more on May 20 during Microsoft’s event!