Just the other day we uncovered some specs associated to the upcoming Surface Mini tablet and now people are already turning those into renders. Designer Jonas Daehnert aka Phone Designer has created a Surface Mini concept that can be seen below.

surface mini concept

This device seems to bundle a pen in the mix, a pretty big one, probably filled with nifty features for wannabe graphic designers. This picture is a mere preview of the upcoming concept, so Jonas is working on more renders. To me this model seems kind of bulky and the screen’s bezels are kind of big for 2014.

As far as rumored specs go, this should be an 8 inch tablet with real pen input and most likely with dedicated kickstand and keyboard covers once it launches. There’s also a rumor about Qualcomm’s Ultra Sound NotePad technology or the Nvidia Tegra pen technology to take care of the pen input. Wacom should also participate in this. What do you think of the design?