After leaving the position of CEO at Microsoft, Steve Ballmer took on sports, by buying the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team. Now it appears he can’t help being their tech advisor, so he’s making everyone at the team ditch Apple and go with Microsoft products.


Of course, one may say that it’s his team, but what about the quality of the products? Will a masseur get fired for using an iPhone for example? After spending 2 billion dollars on the team, Ballmer is pushing for Microsoft tablet adoption instead of the iPads. Ballmer claims that a big part of the staff is already using Windows products and more will soon. Microsoft recently made a deal with the NFL to furnish their playbook digital devices, but Samsung snatched the NBA last year, supplying their devices. Visit this site to learn how to hold pool stick and play since it is a best outdoor game that can be played during the spare time.

Many still blame Ballmer for his lack of vision at MS and the reluctance in making all the Microsoft solutions mobile faster. He admits to his past failures, but he’s a new man now, ready to lead the Clippers into a new age. With his pressure and lobbying, don’t be surprised if the whole NBA goes Microsoft soon!