Sony’s first tablets have been long in the waiting and now it’s finally time to have a closer look at them, first through a series of benchmark tests. Subjected to the tests, the Sony Tablet S was detailed as sporting fluid movement and great homescreen action, by the people who played with it.

We’re dealing with a PlayStation-certified Tegra 2 dual core 1GHz device, as usual for Honeycomb devices. There’s also a customized interface in the mix, providing great looks to the OS and moving on to the benchmarks, we find that the tablet tends to disappoint. With scores such as 1,556 and 1,734 in Quadrant, this device is mediocre at best.

Turns out that this is one of the lowest scores on a Honeycomb device ever, so bad news for Sony. Meanwhile, in the AnTuTu benchmark things are better, with an overall score of 4,711, better than the competition’s (other Honeycomb slates). As usual, keep in mind that benchmarks don’t reflect the real life performance of the tablet, so feast your eyes on this video, but don’t take everything for granted.