Sony is getting ready to end the week with a bunch of bad news, after selling its famous Vaio PC business, that also includes laptops and even a few slate models. The company may be preparing for the post PC era, that involves more focus on tablets and smartphones.


In the meantime they’re also reforming the TV segment, by splitting that apart from the company into a standalone firm by June 2014. The company decided to sever the Vaio arm after it registered a drop in demand for PCs and laptops. As you probably noticed at this year’s CES we didn’t see much action from Sony, especially since they didn’t unveil any new flagship tablet.

The company says it’s no longer designing and developing PC products, which kind of makes me worry for tablet PCs, but I’m guessing the Xperia line is not dead yet. The bad thing about the Vaio series was the price honestly, but the design and specs truly were premium. As it gears up for the post PC future, Sony cuts 5000 jobs and we look forward to MWC to see that new Xperia tablet and see if there’s a future there or not.