Sony has just introduced its first tabletop PC in the US market, the Vaio Tap 20, a pretty big 20 inch tablet computer, plus the smaller Vaio Duo 11. This one is a hybrid slider PC, but the company also announced some touch-based ultrabooks, including a refreshed T13 unit and the E series 14P units. They run Windows 8.

The Tap 20 is a massive fellow, with a 20 inch display and 10 point multitouch action support, plus 1600 x 900 pixel resolution. There’s also a front webcam included, USB ports, audio in and out ports and an adjustable metal stand in the mix, as well as a big battery. The product costs $879.99 and it will be available in black and white. The Vaio Duo 11 PC is a smaller and portable tablet/laptop hybrid, that incorporates a built in keyboard, that will slide under the screen when used as a tablet.

Duo 11 adopts a Full HD screen here and there’s a pressure sensitive stylus in the mix, with swappable pen tips, plus a backlit keyboard. Sony also bundles an original application for photo cropping, as well as the Note Anytime note taking application. The device weighs 2.84 lbs and has a pretty hefty price of $1099.99. Vaio T13 costs $669.99, while the E Series 14P is $689.99.