Skype has just received an update that seems meant for tablets more than anything, since the new layout is suited for such devices. The update improves video quality, the interface on larger tablets and this comes after a February release that optimized the app for use on big screen portable devices.


However at that time the update did more harm than good and had to be reversed. Luckily this time it’s better, since the new Skype is based on version 4.0 launched in June on phones. It focuses more on conversations and people and has a certain Metro UI vibe to it, since it’s a Microsoft product after all.

Skype 4.4 is the newcomer here, with a performance enhancement as well, improved video quality and the maximum resolution is now up to 4 times higher than before. Android users can download the app from here and Skype is saying that app puts conversations on the first place, with the most recent calls and chats at the forefront.

Enhanced clarity, frame rates, random reboots fixed and full support for TalkBack screen reader are all here.