We’ve seen one or two kitchen oriented tablets before, but Sharp is taking things to a new level with a slate integrated into a cutting board. Siobhan Andrews, a Falmouth University student submitted a sketch of an interactive chopping board with a big touchscreen to a Sharp Labs challenge.


As time passed, this idea became a prototype called Chop-Sync, that will aid healthy eating by offering easy cooking instructions and also calculating portion control. The chopping board features unique software that was made specifically to help with the cooking. You need to select a recipe and then you’ll see the ingredients being shown, matched up in amounts that fit the number of people invited to dinner.

There’s even a spaghetti measuring tool here, showing a circle on the screen that users rely on to compare to uncooked pasta, so the portions are right. There’s also a built in scale and the option to browse and save recipes right there in the kitchen. The concept here is to eat healthy, not just cook random food, so this is in fact a tool related to health and well being.