We’ve heard the name Sharp in relation to speculations concerning future iPads and iPhones and each time all we got were rumors… Now Sharp is in the news again and somewhat related to Apple via Foxconn. It appears that Sharp’s phone and tablet display tech will be moved to a Foxconn plant in China.

I’m talking about advanced small to medium LCD panel technology being moved to the famous iPhone/iPad manufacturer, to a plant in the Sichuan province in China. That means we’ll see Sharp’s top notch technology for displays of portable devices being moved from Japan to China. The partnership between Sharp and Foxconn evolves this way, after being unveiled in March. If I’m not mistaking Sharp patented over the last months an interesting technology that makes us think they’ll make the screen for the Apple HDTV… but once again those are all rumors.

Back in March Foxconn took a stake in Sharp and a big LCD panel factory that was done as a joint venture between Sharp and Sony. Meanwhile, Sony took off and left the venture, leaving Sharp to partner with Foxconn and continue business. I guess that such partnerships involve smaller prices, bargains, priority when shipping certain products and other such privileges. By association Sharp will also be working with Apple more now. Can this spawn a cool HDTV or new iPhone with Sharp 1080p display?