If by any chance you own a tablet device, be it Android, iOS or in general any OS, you know one of the biggest issues with it is maintaining a fingerprint free environment, especially on a big screen such as most devices offer. While most of us use a cleaning cloth, there is another way of doing it.


Gorilla Glass protected tablet displays are great but still as fingerprint prone as any other tablet display available. A cleaning cloth is good and you can use it to clean the surfaces in the most efficient way but there is one disadvantage to it. As harmless as it may look the repeated contact of the surfaces can cause harm to your devices display, even if protected by a special glass. Courtesy of the ingenuity of manufacturers, there are better ways of cleaning your device, without having to put to much effort into it.

Remember the little robots vacuum cleaners that could run free through you living-room and clean the carpets without bumping into furniture. The principle has been applied on a much smaller scale by the manufacturer named Takara Tomy and its solution is called  the Automee-S. The 2.75-inch small robot is able to slowly clean the most sensitive surfaces of your tablet, without causing any harm to it. It is programmed so it can detect the edge of the screen and not fall off and it is offered relatively cheap. For about $17 the device will go on sale March 17th. Mind you, the manufacturer states that it will not be responsible for any damage to your device.