If you had to choose a free tablet, would you honestly choose an iPad or a Windows 8 device? Well, a bunch of students from the Clear Creek Independent School District had the choice between a variety of slates.

Dell Latitude 10

None of them were briefed on how to use the devices and the idea was to get the education institution packed with these products. Of all the tablets put on the table, the Dell Latitude 10 stood out, because of its ease of use and accessibility. Students also said that they feled that the Latitude 10 would prepare them for college and the work force in a proper way.

The CTO of the institution claims that Windows 8 is the best when it comes to security, applications, updates and personalization. He added that productivity is a challenge on other platforms, especially on iOS. Clear Creek will distribute 30k tablets once the school year starts and each student will get one assigned.

So, is this the start of a bigger trend? Do you agree?

  • Pjotr Kyrillitsch

    Indeed I do hope that this choice will be the beginning of a trend. At this moment there are initiatives (in the Netherlands anyway) to start so-called “I-pad Schools”. A deasterous development in my opinion, because the Ipad is a mere toy. The first choice should be a tablet on which you can write -and draw – with a real pen, like Wacom’s digitizer. Other choices could be the Samsung ATIV os ASUS pen-enabled win8 tablets or the Microsoft Surface Pro.The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 could also have been an option, though the android OS has disadvantages compared to Windows in respect to versatility,