Design documents that hit the web recently show that the iPad 5 will have a thin bezel design, as it was expected since it’s supposed to resemble the iPad Mini format. These documents come from case makers, that as usual have early info on products.


Case and cover makers are said to be using this data to create new accessories. The images suggest the fifth gen iPad will measure 169.48 mm in width, which is 15 mm less than the iPad 4. The height has also been decreased from 241.3 milimeters to 240 milimeters. Finally, the thickness has been reduced to 7.5 mm, which is 2 mm less than the previous iPad.

The product will also get lighter and keep the 9.7 inch diagonal. This design matches previous leaks, detailing a bigger iPad Mini as the format of the main iPad. Apple is expected to hold a media event next month and introduce both the iPad Mini 2 and iPad 5 there, in spite of speculations that the Mini 2 is not ready yet.