Samsung has big plans for 2022 and its foldable segment, as it intends to launch a triple folding tablet dubbed Galaxy Z Fold Tab. The info comes exclusively from GizmoChina, who has sources claiming that the company is ready to make a slate of this variety.

Foldable tablets are still a rarity nowadays and aside from Lenovo and partially TCL, nobody else tried to make one. Microsoft Surface Neo doesn’t quite count. Samsung was rumored at some point to be making a double foldable Galaxy Z Fold and now there’s talk of a triple fold. How would that work? Having two hinges is one thing, but a triple foldable sounds like overkill. It would probably also involve a rollable mechanism of sort, since three hinges would make the device hugely thick when closed.

The source informs us that the Galaxy Z Fold 3, coming in July or August will hold hints regarding the mechanisms of the tablet. Meanwhile the rumor mill has the new Galaxy Z Flip either launching this summer or moved to 2022. For the Galaxy Z Fold Tab we’re supposed to expect at least a 10 inch diagonal, a stylus and a new UTG protected panel. To me this project sounds like a dud, since the public isn’t ready for an ultra pricey, barely mass produced foldable tablet.

Also, generation 1.0 will probably have bugs and flaws, like the Galaxy Fold did. The one good thing that could come out of this is a device that uses one of the screen’s folded portions as a keyboard, replacing the need for a tablet’s keyboard accessory.