This year, Samsung plans to extend the availability of the iris scanner on its portfolio of products and apart from the Grand Prime Plus (2018) smartphone that will bring such a security feature, this tech will also be found on the upcoming tablet called Samsung Galaxy Tab S4.

Sammobile has made the discovery and in this case we have the real firmware of the new device prepared by Samsung. Here is a series of sketches, as well as a video demo (can be seen here) that shows the authentication process based on iris scanning with the tablet. Moreover, Tab S4 will bring Intelligent Scan technology that combines iris scanning with Face Recognition to unlock the device.

When one of these methods fails, the other goes into action and helps unlock the tablet. The iris scanner has trouble working in bright sunlight, while facial scanning is not working as it should during low-light in the night. Returning to the tablet, this device might be announced on August 9th along side Note 9.