The Samsung Experience event over at NYC took place an hour or two ago, focusing on the very hot Galaxy Tab slate introduced at IFA 2010. Apparently, the slate will be offered by all 4 major carriers in the States: T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. The presentation began with Dale Sohn, Samsung Mobile USA president announcing that Samsung Mobile will reach 2 million shipped Galaxy S units in the USA next week.

Next, the news regarding Galaxy Tab came:

– it’ll get Media Hub and TV shows
– WiFi only versions will reach independent retailers
– the device is at the top of the brand new site
– tablets fits in your back pocket
– the browser on the slate does Flash and web apps
– Galaxy Tab features 2 cameras and video chat features

No pricing was announced for the US yet, but what’s sure is that the product will be accompanied by killer offers at Christmas time. Here’s an official for the device:

[via mashable]