Samsung has just posted online some new source files, like the Jelly Bean open source ones for Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and 7.0. Samsung hinted at an upcoming update for the devices previously mentioned, but that happened back in September and we’re still waiting for the update to be delivered, so this open source file posting is a positive hint.

The best thing about this is the release of the open source Jelly Bean for the Note II, that may lead to some nice tinkering and custom ROMs. I’ve heard a lot of people desiring the multi window feature on the Note II and that may be extracted from the software, I guess… You can get the Tab 2 10.1 files here and the Note II ones here. Don’t be surprised if we see custom ROMs based on these leaked software.

In other news, if Samsung is being so open, should we expect to actually get Android 4.2 on the Note II in a decent amount of time? Sammy is certainly not the fastest company when it comes to updating Android, but maybe the fact that they made a Nexus tablet will give them a boost. Fingers crossed!