Samsung patented a motherload of devices this week, starting with a foldable phone and tablet, plus an all in one desktop PC. The company was granted a series of new design patents, one of them covering a large foldable smartphone, while the second was pretty covert. It could be a large foldable phone or a small foldable tablet.

The US Patent Office granted Samsung a design patent for a new All in One desktop design, as the graphics in this article show. These are simple visuals, not very clear indicators of the final products. However, the sketches of the phone and tablet are pretty self explanatory. First we saw an out-folding smartphone, that has two separate screens attached via hinge.

It’s able to fold outwards, meaning the user can unfold the device and place it on a flat surface, offering two fields of view. This way two users can operate the device at the same time. The second patent covers a foldable tablet that folds inwards. It can be folded into a smartphone-sized machine and give the user a large display and a portable machine at the same time.

There was also a very large device in the sketches, possibly a very big tablet. An All in One desktop also appears, as a screen attached to a small rounded box, like the older iMacs. That whole tubular thing looks interesting, like a portable speaker of sorts. This feels like something Samsung show at IFA 2019, rather than MWC or CES. Foldables will surely come on February 20 though.