It’s been a while since Samsung got awarded a design patent, but that happened today and it seems to be related to a future Galaxy Tab slate. The patent details a combined keyboard and kickstand tablet accessory.


And then they also got a design patent for a foldable wireless keyboard, that’s shown below. The first patent may tie in to a bigger screen slate, maybe the rumored Galaxy Note 12.2, while the second seems like a product meant for a smaller tablet, but we can’t really tell at this point. Apple has already been respected for its stylish iPad accessories, Bluetooth keyboards included, so Samsung may need to one up them here.


In a world where touch is essential for input, physical keyboards haven’t evolved that much, but people still like them, especially on big screen devices. A 12 inch Galaxy Note is certainly in the making and having it used all day with the touchscreen alone sounds like a pain, so a keyboard may come in handy.