We’ve talked multiple times about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, previously known as the Galaxy Fold 2 or the Galaxy Bloom for a short while. Now there’s discussions about a so called Samsung Galazy Z, which doesn’t quite seem to be the same with the Galaxy Z Flip.

The image above comes from Weibo and we’re very well aware it may be a fake. Supposedly, the device will be part of a new Galaxy Z series, that could include dual or even triple folding machines. The photo shows a promo on top of the Samsung DeX interface. It reads “Galaxy Z” and shows a device shaped like the letter “Z”. It could be a tri folding device, with two hinges, reminding me of a similar product that TCL showcased at some point. Samsung does have a patent for a tri folding device, but honestly that seems to be years away from its debut.

We could just be seeing a promo image for the current Galaxy Z Flip and reading too much into it. What’s certain is that the Z Flip is not the last foldable that Samsung is making and that we’ll see more in the future. We’ll learn more on February 11th, when both the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Z Flip are expected to debut. Samsung was also working on a bigger foldable tablet for a while, which may also end up in the Z series. And don’t even get me started with the triple folding Xiaomi phone from last year… which 365 days after its leak has yet to materialize.

Odds are this is just a render… it would be a nightmare to make such a hinge, as well as a screen protection.