Turns out that Android 12L is a bigger deal than we thought, as Samsung just updated is Tab S8 lineup with it. The OS meant for unusual form factors, like foldables, large screen devices and more is also present on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 these days.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, Tab S8+ and Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra have started receiving the Android 12L release with the latest One UI 4.1.1 update. I think this is actually Google’s doing, since it doesn’t have its own Pixel Tablet yet, which will come in 2023, it wants to showcase what Android 12 L can do on other products. Samsung is the ideal candidate for that. One UI 4.1.1 is confirmed to be rolling out to the 3 devices in Europe and South Korea.

The OTA also includes the latest August security patch and it will expand to other regions soon enough. When it hits, it will bring the latest Android multitasking features, coupled with Samsung’s multi window enhancements. For example the taskbar feature on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is available in this new software. It’s placed at the bottom of the screen and provides access to the recently used apps. Those can be opened in split screen or pop up mode.

We also get a two finger gesture used to toggle between full screen and split screen modes. There’s also a simpler multitasking bar available in stock Android 12L. You can also use the Samsung version of the bar to pin and open the most frequently used app pairs. One UI 4.1.1 also has other extra features, like extracting text from any image, sharing it with apps and translating text into other languages. Google Duo merges with Google Meet and there’s a new version of the My Files app, that can search for information within files.