Yes, these ads last a couple of seconds or dozens of seconds, but Samsung’s latest bunch of commercials for the Galaxy Tab PRO slates take a really hard bite out of Apple. They directly attack the iPad and don’t hesitate to include it in the ads.

ipad versus samsung

The first of them tackles the Retina Display concept, that already feels antique compared to the high res of the Galaxy Tab Pro. Then there’s the multitasking multi window thing on a Samsung versus an iPad, that “can’t do two things at once”. Then we’ve got a multi user problem, something that the iPad really can’t handle.

Finally, in the last ad we see some women looking up stuff on YouTube while reading a book, while someone with an iPad is stuck with “just books”. Some of these attacks are pretty mean, but that one with the multitasking really offers a valid problem: how can you do videoconferencing and check out a slide that your boss is telling you to check out at the same time?