With some people creating concepts of the Galaxy S III handset, Joseph Dumary decided to try his hands with the next Galaxy Tab. Thus, he created a 3D tablet that he named the Samsung Galaxy 3D Tab and you can find some images of this innovative device below.

We’re dealing here with a 3D HD tablet that keeps the design of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and also includes a DP Connect function for TVs, a 3D HD camera and the customized Android UI we all know. Android Ice Cream Sandwich is the OS of choice for the Galaxy Tab 3D and we learn that the slate also comes with a Full HD AMOLED display with great contrast and colors.

Joseph included 3 HD speakers on this multimedia powerhouse and I sure hope that the battery is good, since 3D gadgets usually have problems in this section. I would like to see a 3D display on this tablet, but that doesn’t seem to happen for now, since the designer would have mentioned it as the selling point. Let’s just hope that this doesn’t end up like the LG G-Slate… an anonymous product no one wants to buy.