In case you’re hardened Apple fans and disregard competition, than you wouldn’t like what’s happening now in Canada: the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G version has been made available locally. It’s sold by 5 Canadian mobile carriers: Rogers, Telus, Bell, Virgin Mobile and Sasktel.

This is the HSPA+ version of the tablet, so don’t start imagining any LTE support right here. The slate goes for $349.99 on Rogers with a 3 years contract, or $449.95 on Bell with a 3 year commitment. This is as low as it gets price-wise up North, while Telus charges quite a lot, with a price tag of $649.99 for the device.

Virgin Mobile and Sasktal have yet to reveal Canadian pricing for the 4G Galaxy Tab 10.1. At a mere 8.6mm in thickness and lighter than the iPad 2, this model has stirred up some controversy when it was banned in Australia, then Germany, then temporarily in the entire Europe, only to come back after a fight in court between Samsung and Apple.