The SM-P900 tablet, aka the Galaxy Note 12.2 has just received a fresh render that looks very realistic and it may define the device we’re about to see at IFA 2013. Samsung has been rumored to launch such a slate for a while now and we’re expecting a 12.2 inch slate with a LCD display.


There should be a 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution supported and an 8 core processor inside. Samsung may be on a pre-emptive move here, since Apple is also rumored to launch a 12 inch Maxi iPad. The only think that they have to fix about this new Note is to make it reasonably portable. The Galaxy Tab 3 series didn’t feel like a good product, so I sure hope they’re doing this one right.

Since this is a Note, I expect a solid stylus integration and in the good tradition of Notes, maybe a new multitasking system that will divide the screen in 3 or maybe 4 separate windows. It would be nice if this slate had Android 4.3 preinstalled and maybe a new TouchWiz and some Wacom technology.