An interesting piece of info surfaced on the web today, as a presumed owner of a Galaxy Fold spoke out. He gave a sort of interview on Twitter to the head editor of XDA Developers. Samsung Galaxy Fold came under fire recently, when a hands on video showed an ugly crease on the screen. Let’s see what the owner had to say.

First of all he confirmed the crease, but said it’s not that bad and you can’t notice it with the naked eye, unless you really try to. The device is also meant to be used either fully open or fully closed. There’s no way of using it like a a mini Sony Vaio laptop, or bend it at various angles. The software doesn’t allow it.

Speaking of which, software transition from phone to tablet mode and viceversa is rather slow and the resolution and aspect take a while to line up. There’s still a small gap between the parts of the device, that don’t sit flush together. The experience has been compared with a binder, as an example. The hinge is said to be sturdy and doesn’t allow the machine to be bent beyond the 180 degrees when opened.

We also learn that there isn’t going to be an Exynos model, so the Europeans will also get a Snapdragon 855 version. There’s also UFS 3.0 storage, faster than the Galaxy S10+ one, by 50% even. The small screen can be used like a regular Android phone one and it even plays games. Battery life is said to be good, according to the lucky owner, thanks to a 4380 mAh battery.

Switching apps between screens needs a bit of fixing. It looks like Samsung has a bit to fix before it launches the product late next month. It’s a $2000 product after all.