Leave it to JerryRigEverything to do teardowns for the most desired products right now. After messing about with gaming phones and the iPhone 11 series, it’s time for the Samsung Galaxy Fold to suffer. Obviously we’re talking about the remade version of the device, that gets rid of the bugs of the first gen model.

Zack actually had one purpose for this teardown: reshaping the device into a narrow single screen machine, if possible. I see that the glass back is relatively easy to remove, with a heater, suction cup and cutters. We then see the wireless charging coil and the two batteries, plus two main boards. We also learn some interesting stuff, like the fact that the speaker integrates a large amount of white foam dots, used in tandem with the air to create a more ample acoustic experience.

People have been adding foam to speaker boxes for years, so this translates to phones now. I see that the two batteries are relatively hard to remove, on account of having quite a bit of adhesive. There’s also a slight risk of explosion, if you apply too much pressure… We also see that Zack can’t quite make his one screen phone, since the needed USB for charging is on the opposite side of the screen he needs.

We also see a generous heatpipe and finally we see the complex hinge, towards the middle and end of the video. The screen protector is actually very well glued to the panel, so that’s nice. Thin black tape covers the internal screws and even some “sand” and dust that slipped inside the hinge. A big metal spine of the device holds everything together, with ridges that guide the other components as you fold the device.

There are inner gears and spring loaded clasps to that make it all work. These seem inspired by watches or maybe vehicles. Lots of moving parts… scarily so, I’d say. Be sure to watch the video, as it may deter you from buying this device… or maybe encourage you!?