You know who the most prolific leakster of the Galaxy S20 series was? Max Weinbach, that’s who! You’d think he’s out of a job now that the series is out, but guess again, since he has info about the Galaxy Fold 2. Apparently it will come with a new type of S Pen.

The source mentions that the front cover will be an Infinity V screen, while the main screen wil have either a punch hole camera or under display camera. Then he mentions a new type of S Pen, as well as the S20+ camera setup. Interestingly, we also have about stainless steel (which never panned out for the S20 Ultra) and ceramic materials.

Finally, the device is said to come in blue, silver, gold, pink and black. Last I heard, it was headed towards an August release together with the Note 20.

So the thing we know for sure is that the next Galaxy Fold won’t have a notch, unlike the ugly one on the right side of the Galaxy Fold 1. The new type of S Pen has us wondering if the rumors are true and the Note series may be canned and replaced with the Galaxy Fold one. The new pen may be inspired by the Galaxy Tab S6 one maybe. I expect an Exynos 990 CPU inside, a Snapdragon 865 in some countries, 12 GB of RAM or even 16 GB and plenty of UFS 3.0 storage. The hinge will probably borrow from the novelty of the Galaxy Z Flip (nylon fibers and all that) and the UTG protection will also make the cut.

Now with all this new stuff, one can’t help but wonder about the price hike..