I know that some people are bored by patents, but some of them are a great inspiration for designers, who turn them into concepts. One such example is the concept phone/tablet shown below, the Samsung Project Valley foldable phone designed by Metti Farhang.

This is a foldable and unfoldable device, that behaves pretty much like the map you keep in your car or a big leaflet. It can fold like an accordion and become a handset or unfold into a big tablet, with no visible hinges. Specs are overkill here and the designer envisioned 12 GB of RAM inside, plus a dual back camera with a 32 MP and 12 MP sensor.

A 9000 mAh battery is also here, plus 256 GB of storage or even as much as 512 GB. Gorilla Glass 6 protection was also included, plus Tizen OS for some reason. The screen is the core feature here, a Q Dot OLED panel with 4K resolution, that’s able to fold easily and without damage. There’s also an iris scanner. Samsung is barely getting into curved screen tablets, so I say we shouldn’t expect such an evolution just yet.