Samsung had plans to replace yet again the traditional TV remote using some sort of media tablet, but today we learn that the plans have been canned. Samsung Perfect Experience, aka “PX” was meant to be a key feature of the company’s 2015 TV lineup.


The product was being based on Boxee former employees and delays seems to have gotten the best of it. The project was being developed for about 2 years and wanted to turn the good old remote into a high tech tablet. Over the past ears remote controls have been augmented with voice commands, gesture control and trackpads, but that wasn’t enough.

Perfect Experience was supposed to be a real tablet, an unified guide to live and on demand content too. Samsung bought Boxee two years ago and used their expertise to make the device. Interestingly, the Samsung smart TV division had no idea that PX was being made, in spite of the fact its team involved 100 people. As development lagged, from the CES 2015 unveiling it moved to 2016 and now to zero.

TV is saturated with too much content and too much choice, but second screen apps can take care of that. A tablet like PX would be overkill…