It appears that in 2016 Samsung and LG will be banking big time on foldable displays, although for the past years, they’ve been focusing more on curved screens. Hints regarding a certain Project Valley from Samsung’s portofolio came a while ago and we’re certainly looking forward to a new Galaxy Round.


LG must also up the stakes, after a bit of a letdown with the LG G Flex 2, that seemed to flex less than the predecessor. A foldable device would require seriously malleable components, not only screens, but also batteries, chips and even motherboards. LG and Samsung are said to have ramped up their development and production, possibly ahead of a CES 2016 prototype unveiling.

A foldable two part 11 inch tablet panel has been patented by Samsung already, being used as a template for the Project Valley thingie. LG has also managed to come up with a similar solution, but details from their part are pretty slim. Apple may also want to join this trend in the remote future probably, when their rivals would have failed to deliver… possibly.